CCJMC Members can participate in the VicRoads Club Permit Scheme. This allows you to register your vehicle that is 25 years or older under a club permit for either 45 or 90 days of use annually.

CCJMC Members can participate in the VicRoads (WA info coming) club permit scheme

There are a few steps involved in putting your Motorcycle on club registration. The process is pretty straight forward.

STEP 1. You need to be a financial member of CCJMC. So if you haven't already joined the club, you'll need to join. CLICK HERE to join. You'll also need a valid Victorian Motorcycle License (or WA licence for CCJMC WA).

STEP 2. The motorcycle you want to put on club registration will need to be a minimum of 25 years old. Any younger and it is not eligible for a club permit. There are no exceptions. 

STEP 3. You'll need to ensure your motorcycle is roadworthy and that you have a valid Victorian Roadworthy Certificate – RWC. There are a lot of motorcycle mechanics in VIC that can help you out with a RWC. If you're not sure where to start. Jump on to the CCJMC Facebook page and ask a member for some help. (for WA members, if the bike is registered already, you only need a CCJMC inspection, if it is unregistered, it will also need a D.O.T. inspection.)

STEP 4. Fill out the 'Club Permit Appointment Request' form to organise an appointment with one of the CCJMC scrutineers. We have several available for both Melbourne Metro appointments and regional appointments. You can only request an appointment to see a scrutineer if you are a financial member. To sign-up as a member CLICK HERE to join CCJMC.

STEP 5. At the location you have organised with your CCJMC scrutineer, you will need to have your -

1. Motorcycle that you want to register
2. Victorian Roadworthy Certificate
3. Valid Victorian Motorcycle License
4. Download a VicRoads Club Permit Application form here. 
You will need to fill out one of these forms to take to your Club Permit appointment.
You'll be provided with some paperwork which you'll need to hold on to.

STEP 6. After your appointment with the CCJMC scrutineer go to any VicRoads office. It is important to note that you only need to take your Victorian Roadworthy Certificate / CCJMC scrutineer paperwork and your Victorian Motorcycle License with you. You do not need to take the motorcycle with you that you are putting on club registration.

STEP 7. You'll have two options for a club permit. There are 45 day permits and 90 day permits.

STEP 8. You'll receive a log book and some red plates from VicRoads once you have paid for your Club Permit Registration.

STEP 9. You need to remain an active financial member of CCJMC for your club permit to be active. Each year CCJMC memberships are due for renewal in February. 

STEP 10. Each year you need to have your club permit renewal notice signed by one of the CCJMC scrutineers. You need to fill out the  'Club Permit Appointment Request' form to organise an appointment.

More information is available about the Club permit scheme on the VicRoads website.

If you have any questions about joining CCJMC or the Victorian Club Permit Scheme, please direct your enquiries via the CCJMC enquiry page CLICK HERE TO SEND YOUR ENQUIRY